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Declan's Japanese Dictionary is a shareware Japanese-English dictionary
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Declan's Japanese Dictionary is a shareware Japanese-English dictionary. This application includes over 100,000 words. When searching for a word, we can enter a Kangi or its Romaji (Roman character) pronunciation, and select one or all the search options (match case, match whole word, and pronunciation search). We press the Search button and the search results will be displayed in the bottom window (the Kangi and its meaning in English). If we are interested in that word, we can click it and the program will automatically save that word to the Marked Words List. This list can be accessed from the Manage Marked Words button. Here, we can view the Kangi and its meaning/s, then, we can unmark selected word, unmark all words, export marked words to XLF file, and exit. By pressing the Kangi at the Search Results window, we will be able to see (at the Word Definition window) its definition and pronunciation. In addition, if we click the Kangi for details we can view its ON pronunciation and its KUN pronunciation, plus its meaning, number of strokes, radical number, radical, and radical name/meaning. This dictionary also lets us search Kangi by its radical or number of strokes. It is possible to evaluate the trial version free of charge for 15 days.

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  • Free updates
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  • Free trial version
  • Romaji (Roman character), KUN and ON pronunciations


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